Rainbow Dreams

Finally, every citizen in our great country can marry who they please. Seems odd that a place that espouses freedom and the pursuit of happiness took this long to allow anyone to marry anyone. Just when I thought the world was upside down and ridiculous, a sadly rare instance of compassion and common sense prevails. Gives me hope that enough good people will strive and achieve good things. 

Hand Made. American Made.

As I look around my workshop, I am pleased that I am surrounded by wood and steel tools. Tools that are hand sized and scale. There are no large machines to stamp out piece after piece. All of our creations are made one at a time. With our hands and our hearts. No two will every be exactly alike. 

We make everything in the middle of nowhere Minnesota. In truth, we are only adjacent to the middle of nowhere. We can see it from here if we squint. We source the majority of our materials locally. We buy from a store. With employees. We pay a little extra and it takes more time, but I like supporting local business. Only when it is impossible to source locally, do we turn to the world wide web. Even then we buy products made in the USA. I think it makes a difference knowing that my patronage is putting food on another hard working citizen's table. 

We use only the finest materials we can find. If we don't believe that our gear will last your lifetime and then some; We don't sell it. If any of our creations ever fails to please you, we will make it right. We take pride in our work and we hope you will as well.