How can I put into words the way that I feel about Leather Wood Studios? Let me try….

I am the proud owner of a great matching set that consists of, a blue deer hide flogger, wrist and ankle cuffs, as well as, a matching binder cuff. The set is absolutely amazing! It was exactly what we were looking for and the maker even gave us a great deal for getting the whole bundle.

I have not come across another flogger that feels as soft and amazing as the one that we bought from Leather Wood Studios does. It is a perfect “thumpy” feeling, not stingy, which is great for warm ups. And the cuffs!?! I could wear them all day, every day! They are absolutely amazing and so very soft! I wear the binder cuff everyday all day long and feel lost when I don’t have it on.

I had to have the cuffs adjusted in size because I lost weight after getting them and they no longer fit. When I brought it to the owner of Leather Wood Studios he was more than happy to adjust them, at no cost! I have seen firsthand how he takes great pride in what he makes for other people and will stand behind his products 100%. If you are ever not happy with something that you got from Leather Wood Studios they are always willing to help make it better so that you leave with nothing but a smile on your face!

I would, and have, recommended this business to all of my friends! They do amazing work, I can’t wait to get my next piece from them!     H. from Minnesota.